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Welwyn and Hatfield Police Cadets has always been a popular choice for young people wanting to join Hertfordshire Police Constabulary.

Due to this we normally have a very large waiting list. We have a maximum  capacity of 25 cadets, and openings are rare.

Due to this we hold a recruitment weekend once a year.  we invite everyone from the waiting list to attend the Police Headquarters for a full weekend where they will complete team building activities and challenges to prove they have what it takes to

Join our cadet group.

At the end of this weekend the best of the group will be picked to join Welwyn and Hatfield Police Cadets. Everyone else will be removed from the waiting list and won’t be able to re-apply for our cadet group.

If you wish to be placed on our waiting list and would like to try and join then please read the information on the right hand side.

If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please press on the below links and download the required forms. After completing these forms send them to

Application form
Parent/Guardian Consent form
Medical Form

After these forms have been received you will receive an email to confirm you have been added to the waiting list. The next time you hear from us will be when we send out invites to a recruitment weekend. This may take up to a year so please be patient.

Are  you aged between 13 and 16?

Do you fancy a career in the police?

Do you want to join?

Joining Instructions

Joining Process

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